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Status #: 761507 - 99
API #: 365-38034
Issued: 05/02/2013, Filed: Online
Well #: 1H, District: 06, County: PANOLA
Filing Purpose: New Drill
Wellbore Profiles: Horizontal
Revised acreage allocation sheet uploaded per Megan Freund. (05/01/2013 01:16:54 PM)
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Completion Information
Well Status Code Spud Date Drilling Completed Surface Casing Date
- 05/17/2013 05/17/2013
General / Location Information
Basic Information:
Filing Purpose Wellbore Profiles Lease Name Well # SWR Total Depth Horizontal Wellbore Stacked Lateral Parent Well DP #
New Drill Horizontal RITTER-DANIEL (ALLOCATION) UNIT 1H SWR 37 Lease Line 10000 Allocation
Surface Location Information:
API # Distance from Nearest Town Direction from Nearest Town Nearest Town Surface Location Type
365-38034   Click here to search API Number. 9.6 miles S Carthage Land
Survey/Legal Location Information:
Section Block Survey Abstract # County
Township League Labor Porcion Share Tract Lot
Perpendicular surface location from two nearest designated lines:
Perpendiculars Distance Direction Distance Direction
Survey Perpendiculars 4638.0 feet NW 3912.0 feet NE
District Field Name Field # Completion Depth Lease Name Well # Well Type Acres Distance to nearest well Distance to nearest Lease Line SWR Off-lease Surface Location Off-lease Penetration Point Pooled/Unitized Horizontal Ownership Interval
Primary Field
16032174 10000 RITTER-DANIEL (ALLOCATION) UNIT 1H Oil or Gas Well 1352.87 611.0 feet 1.0 feet SWR 37 Lease Line N N N
Perpendiculars Distance Direction Distance Direction
Surface Lease Lines 411.0 feet NW 977.0 feet NE
Section:   Block:   Survey:BRADLEY, J M
Abstract #: 49     County: PANOLA
Profile Distance Direction Distance Direction
TH1 Terminus Point Lease 3616.0 feet from the SE line and 1968.0 feet from the NE line
Survey 4595.0 feet from the SE line and 4371.0 feet from the NE line
  Penetration Point Lease 1009.0 feet from the NW line and 1029.0 feet from the NE line

Field Exception Case Docket Number Resolution
CARTHAGE (COTTON VALLEY) SWR 37 Lease Line 0282238
Remark Date Entered Entered By
Commission Staff expresses no opinion as to whether a 100% ownership interest in each of the leases alone or in combination with a "production sharing agreement" confers the right to drill across lease/unit lines or whether a pooling agreement is also required. However, until that issue is directly addressed and ruled upon by a Texas court of competent jurisdiction it appears that a 100% interest in each of the leases and a production sharing agreement constitute a sufficient colorable claim to the right to drill a horizontal well as proposed to authorize the removal of the regulatory bar and the issuance of a drilling permit by the Commission, assuming the proposed well is in compliance with all other relevant Commission requirements. Issuance of the permit is not an endorsement or approval of the applicant's stated method of allocating production proceeds among component leases or units. All production must be reported to the Commission as production from the lease or pooled unit on which the wellhead is located and reported production volume must be determined by actual measurement of hydrocarbon volumes prior to leaving that tract and may not be based on allocation or estimation. Payment of royalties is a contractual matter between the lessor and lessee. Interpreting the leases and determining whether the proposed proceeds allocation comports with the relevant leases is not a matter within Commission jurisdiction but a matter for the parties to the lease and, if necessary, a Texas court of competent jurisdiction. The foregoing statements are not, and should not be construed as, a final opinion or decision of the Railroad Commission. 04/23/2013 11:01:58 AM
There have been problems identified with this permit (see problem letter attachment). Notification sent. 04/30/2013 02:48:06 PM RRC STAFF
Problems identified with this permit are resolved. 05/01/2013 01:15:46 PM RRC STAFF
Revised acreage allocation sheet uploaded per Megan Freund. 05/01/2013 01:16:54 PM RRC STAFF
Attachment Type File Path Associated Fields and/or Plats
PLAT #1 (Paper Size: LGR) Wildhorse Ritter-Daniel (Alloc) 1H Plat.tif CARTHAGE (COTTON VALLEY)
PSA authority statement Wildhorse Ritter-Daniel (Alloc) 1H Authority Stmt.tif
PSA-12 Wildhorse Ritter-Daniel (Alloc) 1H PSA-12.tif
As Submitted W-1 AsSubmittedW1-4-25-2013.pdf
Permit Problem Letter problem_letter_4-30-2013.pdf
PSA acreage allocation DOC032.TIF
As Approved W-1 AsApprovedW1-5-2-2013.pdf
As Approved Permit AsApprovedPermit-5-2-2013.pdf
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