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Status #: 764455 - 99
API #: 177-33017
Issued: 06/18/2013, Filed: Online
Lease Name: MUDD UNIT A
Well #: 3, District: 01, County: GONZALES
Filing Purpose: New Drill
Wellbore Profiles: Horizontal
Problems identified with this permit are resolved. (06/18/2013 01:04:02 PM)
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Completion Information
Well Status Code Spud Date Drilling Completed Surface Casing Date
- 11/05/2013
General / Location Information
Basic Information:
Filing Purpose Wellbore Profiles Lease Name Well # SWR Total Depth Horizontal Wellbore Stacked Lateral Parent Well DP #
New Drill Horizontal MUDD UNIT A 3 SWR 36 17000
Surface Location Information:
API # Distance from Nearest Town Direction from Nearest Town Nearest Town Surface Location Type
177-33017   Click here to search API Number. 10.9 miles NE Westhoff Land
Survey/Legal Location Information:
Section Block Survey Abstract # County
Township League Labor Porcion Share Tract Lot
Perpendicular surface location from two nearest designated lines:
Perpendiculars Distance Direction Distance Direction
Survey Perpendiculars 2630.0 feet NW 4745.0 feet NE
District Field Name Field # Completion Depth Lease Name Well # Well Type Acres Distance to nearest well Distance to nearest Lease Line SWR Off-lease Surface Location Off-lease Penetration Point Pooled/Unitized
Primary Field
27135750 17000 MUDD UNIT A 3 Oil or Gas Well 390.78 352.0 feet 253.0 feet SWR 36 N N Y
Perpendiculars Distance Direction Distance Direction
Surface Lease Lines 466.0 feet NW 529.0 feet NE
Section:   Block:   Survey:DAVIS, D
Abstract #: 12     County: DE WITT
Profile Distance Direction Distance Direction
TH1 Terminus Point Lease 53.0 feet from the SE line and 1270.0 feet from the NE line
Survey 2075.0 feet from the S line and 5460.0 feet from the NE line
  Penetration Point Lease 299.0 feet from the NW line and 582.0 feet from the SW line

Field Restrictions:
Code Description
02 This is a hydrogen sulfide field. This well shall be drilled in accordance with SWR 36.
Remark Date Entered Entered By
Changed county for BHL per plat. 06/17/2013 11:15:51 AM RRC STAFF
Status #764484 was withdrawn 6/12/13. 06/17/2013 11:16:15 AM RRC STAFF
There have been problems identified with this permit (see problem letter attachment). Notification sent. 06/17/2013 11:24:56 AM RRC STAFF
Per Larry Smith, "Amended attached P-12 should take care of this." 06/18/2013 01:03:28 PM RRC STAFF
Problems identified with this permit are resolved. 06/18/2013 01:04:02 PM RRC STAFF
Attachment Type File Path Associated Fields and/or Plats
PLAT #1 (Paper Size: LGL) Permit Plat.tif EAGLEVILLE (EAGLE FORD-2)
As Submitted W-1 AsSubmittedW1-6-11-2013.pdf
Permit Problem Letter problem_letter_6-17-2013.pdf
P-12 2013061812030904.tif Permit Plat.tif
As Approved W-1 AsApprovedW1-6-18-2013.pdf
As Approved Permit AsApprovedPermit-6-18-2013.pdf
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